Sunday, April 11, 2010

I put these on the Puppy forums but thought I should make a copy here

What do you mean by low vision Puppy. Do you just need a magnifier, or text to speech.

If you just wish something to read the menus, try Jwmspeak as the window manager.

LightHousePup has, I believe, a setting which can be used to increase the font size.

Mu’s KDE3.58 sfs doesn’t seem to be around any more, but if you can find a KDE that can be installed, KDE’s accessibility stuff, Kttsd and Ksayit works fairly well.

I tried it in Puppy 4.x and it works pretty well.

Lighthousepup does have a KDE sfs. No idea if it will work in standard Puppy.

Mcewanu’s Foksyf eye r system can be added to any puppy.

Eldy works well. I’ve never tried it, under that name anyway, But I like Noob

I believe Lobster has included Eldy in one of his Tmxxine editions.

Wow has made a gnome sfs in which Orca can be made to work, at least partially. I don’t know if it is still available. That version worked with 3.01. This works in Puppy 4.00

Edbrowse is a nice program if you can live without graphics and a very steep learning curve.

Regarding Orca, Knoppix has been able to get it working with LXDE or their lastest distro. I have no idea how. There’s attempts to get Orca working with XFCE.

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