Sunday, April 11, 2010

basic low vision pup

This could be classified as a quick and dirty solution slapped together in a few hours. Okay, it was slapped together in a few hours. But it may fill a need until a better solution is found.

What you’ll need

Puppy 2.17

[url] Linux/[/url]

Puppy 2.14x or Puppy 3.01 may work. Puppy 217 is the one I tested it in.



I could not get Jwmspeak to work in Puppy 431. I am not a programmer and one may be able to get it working.

Mcewanw’s Foksyf eye r system can be added to any puppy.


Virtual Magnifier Glass


This is how I did it.

1 -- install a fresh copy of Puppy 2.17

2 -- install the magnifier

3 -- install foksyf eye r get it working

4 -- install jwmspeak

Quick and easy Foksyf eye r.
1-- install the pets. If you are using Puppy 431 you need the patch. I used 217 so only installed the core pet.

2 -- open a terminal and type in “foksy setup”

3 -- reboot Puppy

4 -- open a terminal and type in “ifoksy”

The program will start working and will read your keystrokes.

5 --in the terminal, type “foksy” to get the menu.

Note I found foky to be rather temperamental. In that it did not like --
I -- being interrupted closing down the terminal
Ii -- having two instances of foksy working in two terminals. The first one worked, the second one did not.
Iii -- It did not like being shut down, with the terminal window closed and then reopened for another session.

Each time I had to reboot Puppy

Foksy installs espeak on your system, which Jwmspeak needs to operate. Which is why I left it to last.

Using it

Real simple.

1 -- make sure you have a terminal window with Foksy menu working in it. In fact, take it one step further. Type in ‘p’ to get to the paste menu. Leave the window open.

2 -- get the magnifier working. It’ll be in the Utilities menu.

3 -- Do whatever it is you were going to do.

4 -- If you wish something read out to you highlight it. Go over to the Foksy terminal and type in “sx” Espeak will start speaking.

Jwmspeak will read the menu items, and identify any open windows.

Jwmspeak is louder than foksy

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