Saturday, March 20, 2010

Puppy with KDE accessability

This does work with Puppy 410 Retro.

What you need:

1 - Mu's KDE sfs file from
It includes KDE's accessibility stuff.
Rename the file to kde_version.sfs I used kde_410.sfs as I was using Puppy 410.

2 - Flite
Festivial or freetts can be used.

Configuring the system

Open a terminal and type kttsd.
Click on ADD and Talker and select the speech system.
Close the kttsd window.

From the Menu, select utilities and ksayit
Click on configurte
Close the window.
A red mouth should appear on the lower left corner.

Copy anything you wish spoken to the KLIPPER program.
Click on the red mouth and then on say.

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